The Northern Pearl is the revolutionary social network with no targeting, no news feed manipulation. We emphasize social sharing wherever individuals are often their real and authentic selves. The Northern Pearl members own their information and their information is not for sales. With full possession of their content and information, they see each activity created in a true timeline order. The Northern Pearl is organized across 16 networks which encompass a broad range of subjects.

Let us clarify, in Vietnamese language:

Mạng Xã Hội = Social Network

Giáo Dục = Education

That’s why mangxahoigiaoduc.com is the Social Network for Education and we named it “The Northern Pearl“! 🙂 What is the meaning behind of this name? “The Northern Pearl” implies Finland in education. We have been inspired of Finnish educational system as we, founders, were educated under its environment.

Our network has gathered multiple of members whom who have superb expertises in their fields joined us with a laser focus on building a “borderless education” platform.

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Nationalities of our staff

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